Micelle Sylvester - Artist Statement

It started with a hike. I came across a rusting truck left in a field, abandoned and forgotten. My intention was not to create a series consisting of rusted, old vehicles, mostly trucks, however I liked the patterns created by the rusting metal and how it affected the truck’s structure.

I chose to work mainly in pastels for this series because of the smoothness and ease of blending. As a printmaker/painter, I wanted to challenge myself in a different medium. Pastels allowed me to create layers of color to show the effects of rust and decay. Once I completed the first piece, I was addicted and set out to find more of these aging relics.

It was amazing that while looking for them, I found they were everywhere, “hiding in plain sight,” invisible to everyone unless sought out.

Soon, I found myself comparing the aging trucks to the treatment of some our elderly. With their financial limitations and not receiving enough patience or time to be cared for, we often remove these aging landmarks of time from our everyday lives. The fields are the nursing homes for these vehicles. By taking time to listen to our seniors, we can listen to the stories they have to tell in which bits of history are revealed- not unlike studying the remains of the aging vehicles. At one time these vehicles were a landmark of their time; a piece of history.

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