Beth Swanson - Artist Statement

With my work, I try to exude a feeling of warmth, peacefulness, and comfort. I am inspired by my need to create these qualities of life in my own surroundings. Given this intent, I seem to focus on still life interiors primarily. It is important to me that the viewer feel invited into my paintings. I want them to step in for a moment and maybe even escape the stresses of their day. How great it would feel to me to think I might help someone have a little better day.

It’s also important to me to tell a story with my paintings, and not without creating a bit of inquisitiveness from the viewer. With that, I try to capture a feeling or a sense of “the moment.” I might paint a dinner table after the diners have left, or a vacant staircase, or an empty chair next to a smoldering fire. My favorite paintings beg my viewers to wonder, “What’s happening here?”, “What’s the story?”.

The play and contrast of the light and shadow of my references is an essential element, as well. I am absolutely inspired, intrigued, and awed by the way the light through a window bounces off a wall, or how the reflections on a glass of wine mimic its surroundings. Primarily using oil paints on canvas, I paint from life or from personal photographs. Many of my paintings are images from my home, or from places I’ve traveled. And several of those are from the interiors of mountain cabins in Tennessee and Georgia. Others are from various places in Europe; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; and throughout the United States.

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