Seira Seera - Artist Statement

I drew various flowers.
The one that expressed human various character with a flower may be a correct answer.
Wild flowers, are living vigorously while absorbing moisture and nutrition on their own without having to rely on anyone.
I think about how being each flower, and the flower is beautiful even if I have any character.
I drew four kinds of such flowers by oil painting.

The title of work No. 1 is The flower which likes an interesting thing.
Since this flower is interested in various things, a leaf and a flower tend to be lengthened and it is going to obtain various information and opportunities.

No.2 title is The flower which likes an interesting thing.
This flower loves an interesting thing and many friends are also in it.
This flower is passed happily every day.

No.3 title is Passionate flower.
This flower is passionate and is the character which follows my way.

No.4 title is The flower which does not contact others.
This flower has shut itself up in its world.
This flower dislikes interchanging with other things.

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