Duaa Khalil - Artist Statement

Born in 1989 in Saudi Arabia. As Arabic women growing up in one
of the most significant Islamic country that seems apparent in
some of my artworks. Furthermore, I graduated from Master of
Islamic fine art, so I am influenced by customs of these
Arabic tradition surface. In somehow I used to show some Arabic
calligraphy and illustration in my artworks. Some of my works
illustrates folkloric culture. Art models are becoming part of me.
The lines mean to me a life movement. Abstraction is my way to
bring out my expression. I am blind without colors; It is giving me
an ability to see the world by young eyes. The concept of
aesthetic in my view; to have an eye to see what the other do not
mention to it; and to have a peculiar mind to demonstrate that
thinking in a spectacular way for the world around. Even if I
become a famous artist in someday, I am still looking for myself as
a child; that feeling gives me a potential to learn more and more
while I am still alive.

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