Tiffany Gordon - Artist Statement

My name is Tiffany Gordon, TAG for short. My focus is in fibers with a minor specialization in metals. My work focuses around papermaking, corsets, and my body. Each corset is created to be worn, though only by me.

Traditional papermaking techniques, including pulping, are applied to more modern fashion in the form of the corset. The process begins by pulping raw abaca in a Hollander beater, and then spraying the fine fiber pulp through a texture sprayer onto a felt sheet. Multiple layers are sprayed over the course of a few hours, and it is then allowed to drain and dry into a thin layer of paper that can be peeled off.

I am drawn to the stylistic elements of the Rococo period and its floral motifs, along with the storied history of Marie Antoinette. The verdant gardens and ostentatious halls of Versailles serve as the prime inspiration for this body of work, as I seek to capture something of their grandeur without going to the extreme and potentially gaudy heights that they convey

Here I strive to mix old world techniques with modern inventions, to create something suitable to a period of time that could never have produced it.

This personalized approach results in garment that is uniquely fit for my use only. Besides being created specifically to my measurements, I know every corner, edge, and surface of my corsets.

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