Sally Faure - Artist Statement

The Ethnicity serie emphasizes the general fracture of our modern society not only geographically, but religiously and culturally.. It is a reflection about the unicity of a model culture and the difficulty to save local traditions in a monoconceptual world. These Women are all depicted with a voluntarily naive trait, which emphasizes how unequally they can be apprehended, according to whether the observer eye and origin. Moreover, she wonders the possible place of that subject and its form of execution, within the Art world today.

The starting new serie is as well about the woman representation in the popular imagery. The idea all started with a movie, "Contempt" (Aka Le Mépris) realised 50 years ago by Jean Luc Godard and the opening title sequence quoting Michel Mourlet (Cahiers essay of 1959): “The cinema substitutes for our gaze a world more in harmony with our desire. This is the story of that world”. Beyond the idea that this thought could be it could be easily transposed to any Art form, I had just discovered that the movie was finished and edited, when JL Godard was told by his Hollywood producer, to reshoot nude scene of Brigitte Bardot especially distinctive views of her naked lower back, if he wanted to receive the rest of his money. Godard’s response is a provocative scene for the period, that hardly resists easy eroticisation. Bardot’s text on her own attributes reminds us that she knows she is being looked over, and that our "voyeur" inspecting gaze is just unwelcome. "Do you think I have a cute ass?" "Et mes fesses... tu les aimes mes fesses?"

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