Roney-Leigh Dubnov - Artist Statement

For this what appears to be quite a broad theme, I'm submitting works that in my opinion are very feminine and seem undoubtedly made by female. Especially the first two, where being female is what led me through creating them:

This is a tribute to Anne Clark (a sentence from her song Now. Anne Clark comes off as a very strong female - in the texts she writes and especially how she delivers them. In this case its a song written distinctly by a woman, to the man she must now have. Since I got the feeling it's bit of a 'childish' statement - this lack of patience and the need for immediate response - I used a gift-wrapping paper as background, and a naive color scheme. The way she desperately proclaims it, is visually expressed in the all-caps and the typography taking up the whole artboard.

Unblessed He Who Has Created Me a Woman
In Judaism there is a prayer that men say - Blessed are you, Lord, who has not created me a woman. There's a female version (not a prayer, just common use) - Blessed he who *has* created me a woman. My work is the opposite of this last sentence, and it's about women being concerned about their looks (I'm not saying men aren't, but) - wearing make-up, getting manicures, worrying about weight, getting highlights, you name it! It is a woven image that incorporates several images together - a girl applying eye makeup, a psycho face, a measuring tape, masks, a camera film, and a skeptical child's eye. I did this work recently while taking a make-up course and realizing what great effort women go through to practically metamorphose their faces almost daily.