Jasna Dragun

Why is understated watercolor as a medium?

This question prompted me comments from the close environment of those who look at the picture on the way: Like, I do not like it.

Even a century ago, watercolor has occupied a leading position as a medium. It is not surprising, because its fluidity and freshness was perfect for painting landscapes and flowers. Today, artists are increasingly returning to watercolor medium, and the topics are, of portraits and figure studies, and almost anything can be painted.

Nevertheless, in galleries and museums, mostly we see the oil paintings. This is a consequence of market relations, because customers are interested in imposing oil paintings.

What was once a template for painting in oil or medium that is "cheap" is actually a demanding technique, which can never be just a product of the academic tradition, but requires a data practice and serves as a vehicle for expressing their ideas.

I go back to the beginning, watercolor medium is certainly have no place in a market that deserves, and therefore I ask all of you, how to change and give more attention to the artistic sensibility in the aggressive flow of the art scene today?

I believe the artists and their contribution to "fight for the rights of watercolors."

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