Esther Delaquis - Artist Statement

My prints depict Ghanaian women from my native homeland, Ghana. I have used the open market and the market women to metaphorically show my own displacement of being in a new environment faraway from home. It is virtually impossible to push a shopping cart in a typical Ghanaian open market since it is very chaotic and the ground is muddy and bumpy. The print showing a woman pushing a shopping cart in an open market is a metaphor of how a foreigner like myself tries to adjust to her new environment and the challenges that may come with it. There are also two women pounding a typical Ghanaian meal called fufu in a blender. Fufu is normally pounded in a big mortar with a pestle, but I remember my mom trying to make this meal with a blender, as we do not have the wooden mortar and pestle in the States. Interestingly, her new method of making her favorite meal with the blender worked.

The colored fabrics worn by these women are absolutely beautiful. This complements the strength and beauty of the market women.

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