Lulie Cardon - Artist Statement

A woman often feels unsure about herself, yet she has herself and her dream. But her dream is only in her mind; it seldom comes to her as a reality.

She feels anonymous and wishes to take a sabbatical leave to somewhere else. When she can't do it, she lets her mind escape to unknown territory-her dreamy world. Some of the flowers and other things in painting have hidden metaphorical meanings which represents her inner world.
I like expressing women's unseen deep feelings in a narrative manner through my choice of media: oil.

Oil pigments offer an irresistibly buttery feeling about and it gives a versatile effect to painting. It has a short coming of a slow drying process, but this serves my purpose as a strength.

I favor drama in a painting. To achieve that, I use high contrast of dark and light, similar to the Baroque paintings, but with much subtler yet varied colors and textures as early French Impressionist have done, combined with flatness of Japanese art I grew up with.

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