Sabine Blodorn - Artist Statement

I am an abstract expressionistic artist, living and working in Queensland Australia. It's the combination of desire, passion and love that continually provides my art with wild combinations of color on canvas, paper or board. This passion within me has resulted in the production of mostly loud work, with a strong relationship between land, life and beyond. I attempt to innovate and continually create surprising works with a sequence of theme.
Being flexible and not constrained to a certain style, while remaining faithful to a particular subject/topic, has resulted in some very experimental work, by using color and canvas as a foundation of expression.
My current series "The Net" is about 'connectedness' and based on an encounter of a huge spider web in our backyard. I took a photo and studied it later in detail. Pondering on this natural creation I concluded, that apart from new technologies, physics or various theories that there is and always has been a natural presence of connection - because, as soon as we are born we are falling into a safety net. Over time, all the open ends will connect to different environments or scenarios. This series is my attempt to reflect on "The Net" by using its structure as a polarizing background, capturing an imagined snapshot to connect a given circumstance with a network, leading into the unknown future.

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