Summer Bhullar - Artist Statement

My paintings are an expression of feelings that arise within the formless reality of my self---my soul level. This reality is beyond the grasp of the mind, through its powers of thinking and comparative understanding.
I see my expression as pure abstract. At all times during the expression, from the beginning and until it is complete, I am not consciously representing anything, of any inner or outer reality. Once my painting is complete, my conscious mind gives a meaning to it. But, very rarely my art symbolizes anything completely belonging to the objective world. I express what arises within the inexpressible part of my self’s reality. The expression first forms as colors within me. Then as I express on the canvas, the colors begin relating with each other and become an expression.
My urge to express through painting always begins as, merely an urge to express without any subject, followed by feelings getting represented by colors like notes of music. Then as I paint, the colors begin associating, which later on, I discover, is some representation of my inner experiences with the formless.

My mission in life is to explore deeper and deeper into the inner formless reality and express it through art.

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