Deedra Baker - Artist Statement

The west window in my bedroom springs to life when the sun’s afternoon glow bathes through its panes. Colors on my quilt become vivid, while the pale walls begin to dance with undulating shadows. The sun transforms mauve carpets and white walls into animated surfaces. This, my sanctuary, becomes an oasis.

I become a recluse in my bedroom and find the silence and solitude of my 9’ by 13’ space satisfying and tantalizing. The room provides comfort; it is an area to call my very own. Peace and quiet abound, allowing me to ponder extraordinary dreams and life ambitions. The light, which gracefully illuminates my quiet bedroom corner, provides a mere glimmer of outside hope. It becomes a distraction from my self-admitted isolation.

I turn the camera inward as I photograph the idiosyncratic nuances of my surroundings. This microcosm provides a space in which I can undress myself emotionally and physically. In making these photographs, I indulge in a reflective self-awareness.

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