What came before is all I have as a foundation for what will be. The building blocks of motion, proportion, and the energy of the now are fitted into that groundwork. Life is full of contradictions and surprises, we manage to limit ourselves in so many ways in spite of the endless potential that surrounds us.

Nature has so much to offer and I respond to it best as I place myself in its presence. It makes no difference if it is the model or the landscape, the profound exercise of observation and processing the energy of the moment allow me to respond in a manor that helps my understanding.

Recent years have given me the opportunity to spend a lot of time exploring painting abstract paintings that are inspired directly by music. My landscape and figures are becoming more and more informed by the vibrant experience of painting these abstract pieces.

It pleases me to see how the forms of the figure and the outdoor scenes I am so familiar with make appearances in the abstract work and are woven in to the fabric of those compositions.