Justin Sterling - Artist Statement

As an artist, I work hard to develop work that communicates to viewers complex ideas, emotions, ethical decisions, social controversies, and humorous situations that they have never been able to express or experience otherwise. I have a strong passion for history and also a deep interest in the process of creating. I try to use a mix of representation and abstraction and focus on new ways to represent my subject matter. My work has a strong conscience on the past, but I strive to attack everyday life and question the bounds of where our society is headed. I think of myself as a sponge, to which everything I look at or experience is fed.

A work of art should be a recreation of an event rather than a illustration of an object. However, there is no tension in the image if there is no struggle with the object. I would like my images to have the same immediate effect as a WWII propaganda poster that rallies the viewers to a cause, idea, or feeling. Real imagination, is technical imagination. It is in the search for the technique, to trap the object at a given moment. Then, the technique and the object become inseparable, the object is the technique and the technique is the object. Art lies between continual struggle to come near to the sensory side of objects. For instance, I want to use spontaneous processes with objects, technologies, and nature to give my work a sense of not having a true formula.