Christopher Reid - Artist Statement

When I paint a still life, I prefer to incorporate it back into the context from which it was taken rather than depict it in isolation or on a table in my studio. I also feel that the still life as a genre should not be limited only to work done indoors. I am drawn to weathered objects that have character for still life subjects

I am a realist painter drawing on the beauty I find all around me to create artwork. I am constantly inspired by the way light falls on a form or filters through the atmosphere in a landscape. With the right light, even an ordinary everyday object can become a work of art. I want to share my vision with others. Too many people stumble through their days oblivious to their environment. I want to help others better appreciate their world by allowing them to see it through an artist's eyes. While plein air painting one day, an old man came up to me and said, “I have been coming here to drink my morning coffee most of my life and I never realized how beautiful it was until I saw your painting.” That is the greatest compliment I could hope for.