Odell Golomb - Artist Statement

I create lighting fixtures which instill some restful, relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

Each lamp has a crude and natural cluster of crystals
My purpose is to provide therapy through art by using the mineral realm. The lighting fittings are combined with custom-made crystals so as to get across healing.

It is a powerful tool and after having observed the transformation people went through after using the five elements crystal layouts, I decided to combine them with my lighting fixtures.

Glass operates as a frame to the crystal as it is very close to same in terms of colors and lucidity. Crystal is a natural mineral. Sometimes, I engrave it but I mostly prefer to leave it untouched. Only with glass, do I allow myself to draw on it and create some abstract picture that will emphasize the crystal via the glass.

I cast, carve and fuse the glass in a kiln over 700 degrees.
The body which holds the lighting has energy influence over it so that I endeavor to use various special kinds of metals such as copper, brass, bronze in combination with aluminum.

Should we work with crystals in such a manner that we shall at least have one crystal out of all the requested healing elements, the objective will be reached as the crystal will be equilibrated in all directions.

This is a special work which combines inner and outer beauty, bearing in mind that the ultimate goal is healing and spiritual growth. The crystals are selected by their special features and by the customer’s specific case in addition to the five elements division.

The lighting fixtures are custom-made by size, color and with the element that has been chosen to be emphasized.