About Takako

Creating jewelry is my passion.

“All of my intuition, imagination, inspiration and creativity comes from what I feel in my heart. Working in my studio is totally a spiritual experience for me. When I focus all my attention and energy into my work, there is nothing else.When I hold the gemstone in my hands, I visualize a design for just that stone. Within every piece of my jewelry, the gemstone is in complete harmony with each design. Each gemstone has a power that when connected with the right person makes their life richer. I wish for my jewelry to bring out all the joy and happiness in wearing it."   Takako                                                                                 

Her name, a gift from her father, means kindness and love. In her heart is sunshine and when a piece of jewelry is created, these parts of her are in that work of art. Having created more than one hundred designs and with collectors in more than thirty countries, she has become a well known worldwide designer of beautiful and unique jewelry.

The creative process for each piece of her jewelry is unique. Every piece is finely sculpted in wax and once complete is cast in either golden bronze or pure sterling silver. With the casting complete, the gemstones are hand set. Only pure metals and all natural gemstones are used and the process can take several weeks. Each piece of jewelry is signed with her TK and Heart logo.

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