Universal Stone Power


Amethyst Crystals are the most honored of the semiprecious stones. Pale purple to violet with flashes of wine, it was named by the Greeks “Amethyst” (without drunkenness).  The stone has such powerful healing affects on the mind it was placed under the pillow to cure insomnia and create pleasant dreams. Its major spiritual property is to aid in second sight.  Wear Amethyst for self healing to enhance your intuition and insights concerning practical things.


Carnelian the most popular of the Agates has varied history. It is a vitreous translucent stone of red-orange, dark to red brown, salmon, or sienna to rust whose name comes from the Latin word “flesh”. Carnelian can motivate and give out the energy to turn ideas into form.  As a stone to balance emotions, it can help actions to become more personally satisfying. Carnelian can even restore lost ambition that might and provide additional energy to carry out those personal directives.  Carnelian is the most powerful action stone for focusing realization and self-actualization.


 Lapis Lazuli is a deep magnificent royal blue stone containing traces of pyrite, calcite or gold.  This opaque gemstone is one of the oldest spiritual stones known, it was used mainly by priests and royalty in ancient Egypt.  Many believe that the Biblical sapphire was actually Lapis.  Through the ages Lapis has been associated with power, wisdom, love and most frequently as a stimulator for psychic abilities. The Lapis represents universal truth!  Wearing Lapis stimulates inner vision, enhanced wisdom, insight and good judgment.

Tiger Eye:

 The eye stones were often feared by the ancients because the person who wore them supposedly could see everything, even behind closed doors. Tiger’s eyes have the most popular appeal of the eye stones. This brown eye gem supports insight and perception.  Historically the Egyptians used the Tiger’s eye as the eyes in their god-image statues to express divine visions. The tiger’s eye promotes decision making and creative stimulation,  clear thinking, accurate judgment, protection and for good luck. 


Turquoise is a healer of the spirit, providing for a soothing energy and bringing peace of mind. When given lovingly brings with it happiness and good fortune. It has also been known to guide one through the unknown, protecting while promoting ones independence in action.  Many Indian cultures honored it as the universal stone. They believed when wearing it their minds would become one with the universe. Worn during ceremonies it signified God of the sky alive in the earth. Turquoise is believed to clear the vision and ensure good fortune.

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