About us

We are French dealers specialized in the Decorative Arts of the 20th Century. For 24 years, we select the finest goods from Europe and especially France. 13 years ago, we have started a new company Art Deco Ceramic Glass Light to offer our products on the internet.
All the items that we propose are in France. They are professionally packed and insured. We ship to worldwide with the maximum of security. We work with decorators, collectors and more generally Decorative Arts lovers all over the world. So, if you are looking for something special, do not hesitate to inquire. We will do our best to answer and provide.  As you will see, our choice is important. It is because we hunt and pay these fine items. But, mind these articles are rare now ...We hope that you will enjoy by visiting our gallery.

Valentin, GilbertMuller FreresMuller FreresMuller FreresMuller FreresDelatte, AndreJAEGER-LECOULTRE French Art Deco 8 Days Clocks designed by Gilbert POILLERAT 1940s - Ref 12506Large French Art Deco Table Lamp 1925 - Ref 12306Jules GOUILLET Oil on Canvas Architectural Composition 1907 - Ref 12106French Art Deco Bakelite & Macassar Photo-Frame 1930 - Ref 11406DegueLarge French Art Deco Alabaster Pendant Chandelier 1930 - Ref 12006

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That's The Way We See Business

COMMUNICATION : Contact us and communicate before purchasing. Get all the answers about the item in which you are interested. You are on the point of purchasing an antique piece. Ask us and we will respond. A good deal is a deal well understood.
FREE SHIPPING : No surprise when receiving the bill. We ship worldwide, however the price of an item is the same wherever the consignee is. We send by priority shipping with insurance. We do not use economic shipping, not serious.
READY TO USE : The items are prepared to be ready to use in your country (lamps are wired for your standards) at your convenience. When it is possible, we can adjust the height of the chandeliers (the most often for free), we wire with the number of sockets that you need.

How does this gallery work ?

This gallery is not only a gallery. The most often a gallery is composed of informations about the seller, photos, description and price of the items on sale. Full stop.

Here, you will find this, of course. But, you will be able to consult our database about designers, editors, fabrics, books, auction results, and many other things in relation with our items on sale. So, you should find here enough datas to consider a possible purchase with the maximum of informations.

How does it work ?
The goal of this gallery is to give the maximum of informations about the items on sale.
We consider an item from two angles. The first one is its nature : is it a chair, a ceramic vase, an oil painting ? The second one is the maker, designer, artist, fabric, firm, ... who made it.
We offer two kinds of searches :

. by category : all the furniture, all the paintings, all the art glass works, ... on sale

. by maker : all the items on sale by a specific artist, designer, editor, fabric, movement, ...

By category
On the categories page, we edit all the available categories. Each one redirects to a page where all the corresponding items on sale are listed each one by a photo.
Here, we consider two kinds of items :

. We do not kow who made the item. We cannot associate it with a maker. The photo redirects to a page where the item is described.

. We know the maker. In this case, the photo redirects to the maker page. If we can identify several sources of an item (for example, created by an artist in a fabric for an editor), we link to the first maker known in this order : artist/designer, editor, fabric. In the description of the item, you will find a link to every other associated maker listed in this gallery.

By maker
It is simple. All the items on sale, by a known maker, are listed on the corresponding maker page. A maker can be an artist, a designer, an editor or a fabric. On the maker page, we add a biography, books, auction results and links to other websites in relation with the maker.

We regularly inform you about our activity and many other things such as exhibitions, auctions, French antique fairs, artist biographies, technical solutions...
As you know our offer is not based on an industrial production and we can propose only one copy of each item. It is why our New Arrivals section may be a way to not miss the item that you are searching for a long time.
You will see that nice discounts will be sometimes offered, maybe the opportunity to make a bargain. 

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ADCGL Gallery/Store Version 3.0

What you see is the version 3.0 of the ADCGL gallery/store. Filling datas is a hard work. We will add datas about makers : biographies, literature, signatures, auction results and external links. So, this site is going to grow significantly.