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ARTFARM is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization, so all donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. ARTFARM is still a young company and it needs all the support it can get from generous community members. We greatly appreciate any type of donation that you can give.

Your check sent to : ARTFARM, 119 Highland Ave., Middletown, CT 06457 will help keep the dream of ARTFARM alive in these challenging economic times!


We are a new organization and need people with energy, skills and enthusiasm. We need help from accountants with our book keeping and tax preparing, experienced grant writers and fund raisers to help us find the funds to do what we want to do, organic farmers who would like to help out with that part of the operation, and just plain smart and committed folks to help us keep up with all the challenges of starting a non-profit organization.

This summer we need all kinds of help in mounting Shakespeare Everywhere! We will need everything from envelope lickers and program folders, sign painters, seamstresses (seamsters?), event coordinators, graphic designers, babysitters, town heralds . . . you name it - we probably need it.Have some fun while being an important part of this exciting event.


As our Resident Ensemble Company and several touring shows head into rehearsal, we desperately need rehearsal space in the Middletown area for free or cheap. Please let us know if you have any ideas.

And if you hear about a farm in the area, we're looking for one of those, too.


We also need stuff: We need rope and wood and large pieces of cardboard, duct and gaff tape, exacto blades, good usable paint, Tyvec , Sharpies, white cotton t-shirts and clothing-in all shapes and sizes, large pieces of fabric, power tools, screws, nuts and bolts, hammers, paint brushes, tables for vendors, folding chairs, large water coolers with dispenser spouts, coffee makers and water heaters, etc, etc…

…a donated storage space to keep it all in, even maybe a small office space…

We need office stuff: a photocopy machine, a scanner, ink cartridges for our wee printer (maybe a more commercial sized printer), clean paper, address labels…


(Someday we'll need stuff for the farm- from tractors, greenhouse materials, pitch forks and wheel barrows to a large kitchen farm table and benches, larger scale cooking and serving kitchenware, pottery and wood eating and drinking vessels, cutlery, wool blankets, cotton sheets and futons, theater lighting instruments and lighting board, a sound system and speakers, wooden kid toys… as well as builders, electricians, plumbers, solar power know how, outhouse/worm composting toilet builders…we'll let ya' know…)


If you, or someone you know are affiliated with a school, university, library, art or community center, bring us in to perform, direct or teach. Residencies are currently available and at this point they are our "bread and butter". Call for a brochure.


Tell folks what we're up to. If you know people who might be interested in our venture, copy this letter and pass it on, give folks our contact info.– or let us know and we can be in touch with them ourselves.