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The FHU School Profile gives an overview of our school and courses.

Here is a pdf version of the FHUHS Graduation Requirements.  This is helpful as you chart the courses needed for graduation.

ATTENTION All FHUHS Slater Graduates.  To obtain an official copy of your FHUHS transcript, follow this link Transcript Request Form – Former Student.  Your completed transcript request form can be Faxed: 802-265-3118, Email: danderson@arsu.org, or by mail.  For any further information, please call 802-265-3636.  

PowerSchool Update:  All students and parents can access previous grades & classes, class rank, and GPA through their online account. 


The 2018-2019 Course Descriptions provides a list of courses students can choose each year.  The descriptions have been adjusted to reflect a proficiency based learning model.  


Meet the Counseling Department -
You can contact anyone in the Counseling Office at: 802-265-3636 (by fax 802-265-3118).

The High School Counselor Can Help A Student:
  • Assess Strengths and Limitations
  • Improve study skills/habits
  • Make thoughtful, informed decisions
  • Develop Positive Attitudes
  • Address Personal Issues (with family, peers, teachers, etc.)
  • Choose appropriate Courses
  • Discover Talents and Abilities
  • Find Further Assistance through a Referral
  • Plan For Further Education
  • Address a Crisis
  • Seek Employment
  • Explore Career Choices
  • Assist with referrals for IEP, 504 services

Activities may include:
  • Classroom presentations
  • Small group counseling
  • Individual meetings
  • Coordinate parent/teacher conferences
  • Summer Transition Day (Schedule, Building tour)
The above lists are not all inclusive, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your student’s counselor.

Making an Appointment with the School Counselor
Students should meet with their counselor regularly throughout the year.  Students can arrange a meeting with their school counselor by going to the Guidance Office and requesting an appointment from Mrs. Anderson, the Guidance Secretary.  In the event of a situation where a counselor is needed immediately, Mrs. Anderson can locate the counselor.  It is important to keep all appointments that are scheduled, whether they are arranged by the student or the counselor.  Parents may also arrange to meet with the school counselor by calling Mrs. Anderson at 265-3636 to make an appointment.