Faculty and Staff

Wayne T. Cooke, Principal
  E-mail: wcooke@arsu.org

Deborah Smith, Asst. Principal
  E-mail: dsmith@arsu.org

Kimberly Ezzo, Guidance Counselor
  E-mail: kezzo@arsu.org

Mary Winn, School Nurse
  E-mail: mwinn@arsu.org

Terri Demasi, Secretary
  E-mail: tdemasi@arsu.org

Lorna Morrison, Secretary/Bookkeeper
  E-mail: lmorrison@arsu.org

Jesse Kyhill, Systems Administrator
  E-mail: jkyhill@arsu.org

Katie Hart, Pre K

Kimberly St. Phillips, Kindergarten/Grade 1

Courtney Grenier, Kindergarten/Grade 1
  E-mail: cgrenier@arsu.org

Teann McCrea, Kindergarten/Grade 1
  E-mail: tmccrea@arsu.org

Susan Cooke, Grade 2
  E-mail: scooke@arsu.org

Beth Robertson, Grade 3

Jennifer Chapdelaine, Grade 4

Lisa Morgello, Grade 5
  E-mail: lmorgello@arsu.org

Christopher Stanton, Middle School
  E-mail: cstanton@arsu.org

Danielle Moffatt-Pepin, Middle School Social Studies
  E-mail: dmoffatt@arsu.org

Kevin Eddy, Middle School Mathematics
 E-mail: keddy@arsu.org

Amy Wright, Middle School Science
  E-mail: awright@arsu.org

Kimberly Alexander, PE
  E-mail: kalexander@arsu.org

Valarie Clifford, Librarian
  E-mail: vclifford@arsu.org

Erin Welch, Foreign Language/ELL
  E-mail: ewelch@arsu.org

Cynthia Hutchins, Choral Music

Wendy Chouinard-Parker, Student Support
  E-mail: wparker@arsu.org

Christina Wheeler, Student Support
  E-mail: cwheeler@arsu.org

Karen Jockell, Schoolwide Teacher
  E-mail: kjockell@arsu.org

Kelsi Brown, Special Education

Sara Canfield, Special Education
  E-mail: scanfield@arsu.org

Patricia Williams, Schoolwide Teacher

Lisa Brough, Paraprofessional

Linda Reed, Paraprofessional
  E-mail: lcram@arsu.org

Judy Jones, Paraprofessional
  E-mail: jjones@arsu.org

Deb Williams, Paraprofessional

Karrie Etzler, Paraprofessional
  E-mail: ketzler@arsu.org

Christina Wheeler, Paraprofessional
  E-mail: cwheeler@arsu.org

Launee Salamin, Paraprofessional
  E-mail: lsalamin@arsu.org

Susan Howe, Paraprofessional
  E-mail: showe@arsu.org

Rebecca Armitage, Director of Special Education
  E-mail: rarmitage@arsu.org

Stephanie Kennedy, School-Based Clinician
  E-mail: skennedy@arsu.org 

Melissa Hoyer, SAP Counselor
  E-mail: mhoyer@arsu.org

Ellen Wakker, School Nurse
  E-mail: ewakker@arsu.org

Suzan Langmaid, Special Ed. Secretary
  E-mail: slangmaid@arsu.org

Jennie Reed, Dental Hygienist
  E-mail: jreed@arsu.org

Walter Ripley, Data Assessment Coordinator
  E-mail: wripley@arsu.org

Jennifer McNeil, Kindergarten/Grade 1
  E-mail: jmcneil@arsu.org

Patricia Roberts, Kindergarten/Grade 1
  E-mail: proberts@arsu.org

Lisbeth Johnson-Laramie, Kindergarten/Grade 1
  E-mail: llaramie@arsu.org

Kala Boudreau, Grade 2
  E-mail: kboudreau@arsu.org

Sara Humphreys, Grade 3
  E-mail: shumphreys@arsu.org

Jaclyn Countryman, Grade 4

Judith Folmsbee, Grade 5
 E-mail: jfolmsbee@arsu.org

Michele Poalino, Middle School Interventionist
  E-mail: mpoalino@arsu.org

J. Eric Ringquist, Middle School Language Arts

Abigail Wald, Middle School Language Arts
  E-mail: awald@arsu.org

Cameron Lanich, PE/Health
  E-mail: clanich@arsu.org

Lori Kramer, Art/Enrichment
  E-mail: lkramer@arsu.org

Hannah Yarwood, Instrumental Music
  E-mail: hyarwood@arsu.org

Sarah Winter, Special Education
  E-mail: swinter@arsu.org

Tara Briggs-Carvey, Special Education
  E-mail: tbriggs@arsu.org

Kimberly Gould, Speech/Language Pathologist
  E-mail: kgould@arsu.org

Bryana Mobilio, Special Education
  E-mail: bmobilio@arsu.org

Kathleen Flanigan, Special Education
  E-mail: kflanigan@arsu.org

Denise Bach, Enrichment Reading
  E-mail: dbach@arsu.org

Sue Eaton, Paraprofessional
  E-mail: seaton@arsu.org

Mary Lou Williams, Paraprofessional

Katherine Daley, Paraprofessional
  E-mail: kdaley@arsu.org

Sarah Daley, Paraprofessional
  E-mail: sdaley@arsu.org

Lori Otto, Paraprofessional
  E-mail: lotto@arsu.org

Lisa Ferrara, Paraprofessional
  E-mail: lferrara@arsu.org

Colleen Hutchins, Paraprofessional
  E-mail: chutchins@arsu.org