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ELA - Robichaud


I am happy to say that our first annual 6th grade Ancient Civilization Wax Museum was a success. Mrs. Alexander and I are very proud of how hard our students worked, and were amazed at their creativity!  THANK YOU 6th Graders!!  

Currently in 6th grade, we are working on a poetry unit.  We have been discussing figurative language and analyzing poems all year.  Now the students will be using their knowledge to research a poet, and they will be analyzing their poems.  Students will be presenting their research in a five paragraph essay.  They will also be presenting to the class in a "Poetry Reading."  Students will read their favorite poem from their research, and then read a self written poem.  

In 7th grade we have been reading The Giver  by Lois Lowry.  The students LOVE this book.  The discussions that have been generated from this story have been engaging and thought provoking.  7th graders will also be ending the year by writing a science fiction short story.  We have been studying the different elements of science fiction and narrative writing.  Students will also be offered the opportunity to present their project as a digital storytelling project.  I cannot wait to see what they create!!


Rosalind Robichaud