Math - DeMatties

Mr. DeMatties
Math teacher for grades 6 and 7A at Castleton Village School
and our Chess Club Advisor

Sixth graders are working on solving equations.  Beginning with one step and progressing to two step equations, we are learning that once we get an answer, we can then check to see if it is correct.  When this unit is complete, we will dig into probability and statistics to end the year 

My seventh grade math class has been working on a geometry unit and will also finish the year with lessons on probability and statistics.

All of the students are taking the third segment of the standardized NWEA Map testing.  We took it in the Fall, in the Winter, and now in the Spring.  We are looking for knowledge and growth.

The chess club has completed the 13th annual CVS Chess Tournament and of the 26 entrants, the top three for this year were:  Colton DeLong at third place, Jazzmyne Dunleavy took second, and Matteo Marcille as our 2017 Champion.  It is the clubs hope that next year Fair Haven Union High School will have a chess club / team for our upcoming students to participate in.  Orwell Village School also has a chess club with members who will attend FHUHS.  It will be necessary for an adult advisor at that building to step up in order for the club to happen.  I will do my best, but If you, also can help make this a reality for our students, please do so.  

Thank you for allowing me to serve these students, their families, and or community.
It has been my pleasure.
Mr. DeMatties