Math - DeMatties

Mr. DeMatties
Math teacher for grades 6 and 8C at Castleton Village School
and our Chess Club Advisor
Sixth graders are working multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers.

My eighth grade class has been working with solving equations, understanding the equation for a line, constant rates and graphing such.  We will be using a combination of the Eureka math paperwork and the Big Ideas text book and its associated papers.  I will ask the kids to bring home the book so parents can look it over.  This shall continue through the topics in both chapters 1 and 2 of the Big Ideas book. 
To encourage understanding, at the beginning of classes, we look at our learning target of the day.  We then do our work, and at the end of the class I ask certain kids questions about what we were supposed to learn.  They then get to come up to throw a magnetic dart at a target.  Top scores are posted and then reset each month.   Last month three kids got the max score of 60 with one dart.  For November, so far, the highest score to beat is 20.
The chess club will soon start during lunchtime. Some are anxious to get started.  

Thank you for allowing me to serve these students, their families, and our community.
It is my pleasure.                                                                                    
Mr. Tom DeMatties