“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, 
the teacher is most important." Bill Gates
Technological development will not be slowing down soon. Our teachers are expected to accomplish so much in the time they have with their students, and now we have included technology integration. I understand this can feel scary and overwhelming to many of our faculty. My goal is to relieve this added pressure from my colleagues. Daily, I collaborate with faculty and staff from Kindergarten through grade 8, helping to brainstorm how to integrate technology in
to their curriculum. I love it when a teacher approaches me with an idea that I can contribute to its creative expansion, while researching, training and enacting the needed technology.
I am in my 10th year as the Technology Integration Coach at the newly formed Slate Valley Unified School District. I received my degree in Art  with a Graphic Design concentration. I previously worked at the Orvis Co., Inc. as an Art Director for their women's clothing and travel catalogs. My goal is to bring creativity and enthusiasm to every facet of the job; from class projects to professional development.

Please contact me anytime at lcacciatore@arsu.org.


Lisa Cacciatore
Slate Valley Unified School District Technology Integration Coach (K-5)

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