Welcome to the Nurse's Office

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a nationwide voluntary recall of EpiPen and EpiPen Jr., used for emergency treatment of life-threatening allergic reactions.  There is the possibility that the device may be defective and fail to activate and dispense the epinephrine medication needed.  Certain lot numbers are affected. 
Please go to https://www.fda.gov  
or you may contact Mylan at 800-796-9526.

What's New in the Nurse's Office?
We have been lucky in that we have not seen any major outbreaks of illness, as of this date.  There have been a few cases of the flu, strep throat, and gastrointestinal illness, along with the usual colds, etc.  We work hard to promote wellness and prevent illness by teaching students proper hand washing technique and encouraging them to stay home when sick. I credit our custodial team and our classroom staff for their attention to cleaning, sanitizing, and promoting frequent hand washing.  

School Recess in the Spring
The snow is melting and the playground will be very wet for some time. All students go to recess every day, with very few exceptions.  Therefore, be sure your child continues to bring boots and snow pants to school every day.  An extra pair of socks and pants is always a good idea too. 

Clothing Reminder
Many times, students need to borrow clothing from the nurse's office. They get wet and muddy at recess, spill their milk at lunch, etc. If your child comes home with clothing from the nurse's office, PLEASE, return it to school as soon as possible. We only have a few items in some sizes and when they are not returned, it leaves nothing for the next student who may need it.

Lost and Found box
If your child has lost an article of clothing, be sure to check our lost and found box.  Clothing forgotten in the gym, the cafeteria, etc. is placed in the lost and found box, with the hope that it will eventually be found by its' rightful owner.  Please put your children's name on their clothing as this ensures that clothing gets back to the child it belongs to. 

CES Snack Protocol
See side-bar for protocol and for helpful resources.

Spring is coming!   Besides the beautiful spring flowers, we will be seeing many more ticks.  Did you know that ticks cause other diseases besides Lyme Disease?   Please view the links below for up-to-date information about ticks and tick-borne diseases in Vermont.

For information on a variety of topics related to children's health, see www.healthychildren.org
The Vermont Department of Health has many resources available.  For more information check their website at www.healthvermont.gov.