Grade 2 Home page

   Welcome to the CES Grade 2 home page. This page will be common to all grade 2 classes. You will find the most  current news letters, calendar dates and common links on this page. There will also be links to individual class pages which will contain any special news from those classrooms. 

Welcome 2016! Please check with each class page to check important dates and details for that class! 

Student/Parent Resources

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Castleton Elementary School Calendar of Events




 To the left is  link to a matrix of direct links to sites for students. The sites represent all areas of our curriculum.  Many of the sites on this matrix can be used for activities at home. As we develop our curriculum there may be links on certain topics of study that students may access for personal research. The matrix may change over time as we find new resources for the new curriculum.  If you have found a great student site you would like us to consider for this matrix send us a link and we will be happy to consider it.  Help us keep our matrix current. If you find dead links please let us know so we can update the  site.