Upcoming Discussion

Please join us for a discussion of The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon led by Debbie Walsh:

For sixty years, Jewish refugees and their descendants have prospered in the Federal District of Sitka, a "temporary" safe haven created in the wake of revelations of the Holocaust and the shocking 1948 collapse of the fledgling state of Israel.

Proud, grateful, and longing to be American, the Jews of the Sitka District have created their own little world in the Alaskan panhandle, a vibrant, gritty, soulful, and complex frontier city that moves to the music of Yiddish. For sixty years they have been left alone, neglected and half-forgotten in a backwater of history. Now the District is set to revert to Alaskan control, and their dream is coming to an end: once again the tides of history threaten to sweep them up and carry them off into the unknown.

But homicide detective Meyer Landsman of the District Police has enough problems without worrying about the upcoming Reversion. His life is a shambles, his marriage a wreck, his career a disaster. He and his half-Tlingit partner, Berko Shemets, can't catch a break in any of their outstanding cases. Landsman's new supervisor is the love of his life—and also his worst nightmare. And in the cheap hotel where he has washed up, someone has just committed a murder—right under Landsman's nose.

Out of habit, obligation, and a mysterious sense that it somehow offers him a shot at redeeming himself, Landsman begins to investigate the killing of his neighbor, a former chess prodigy. But when word comes down from on high that the case is to be dropped immediately, Landsman soon finds himself contending with all the powerful forces of faith, obsession, hopefulness, evil, and salvation that are his heritage—and with the unfinished business of his marriage to Bina Gelbfish, the one person who understands his darkest fears.

At once a gripping whodunit, a love story, an homage to 1940s noir, and an exploration of the mysteries of exile and redemption, The Yiddish Policemen's Union is a novel only Michael Chabon could have written. (From the publisher.)


The discussion will be held:

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

2-4 pm

National University of Health Sciences

RSVP to Debbie Walsh (dwalsh@nuhs.edu)

Please note that the discussion is at a university library, which is different for us, so Debbie provided the following information about the location and parking:

The National University of Health Sciences campus is located at the intersection of Roosevelt Road (RT 38) and Highland Avenue in Lombard. If you are heading north on Highland, it is a “T” intersection where Highland “ends” but if you drive through the light you will enter the campus. The LRC (Library) is Building C on campus and if you enter at the Highland Avenue entrance you pass two left hand turns and the third left turn is the one folks want to take to get closest to the library (Building C) At that point, you are looking at the back of our building. Since we will be closed on May 3 parking shouldn’t be a problem, and folks may feel free to park anywhere they see a space. When students aren’t here, we have great parking. Folks will need to walk around to the front of the building and I will make sure the doors are opened and there are staff members standing by to let them in.


Debbie also provided this map to help you.

Finally, because this is the first time we are meeting at an academic library, Debbie is offering tours of the LRC both before and after the discussion [at 1pm and 4:15 pm]. If you are interested in a tour, please include that information in your RSVP email to Debbie so she can schedule accordingly. You may also give her a call at (630) 889-6610 with further questions.

ARRT would like to thank Debbie for giving our members this opportunity to visit and tour her library. It is definitely a "bonus."

Please arrange to obtain your own copy of the book for the discussion

As always, discussion of the book includes a nuts-and-bolts session devoted to sharing practical solutions to the problems and concerns of book discussion leaders.

The Leadership Topic, led by Bill Stephens, will be about how to both recruit new members and retain old ones. Please come ready to share your successes and failures in this area so we can all help each other. Also, remember that you can always bring any problems or concerns you have with your group, no matter the topic, so we can all help each other.
Links and Information to Peruse Before the Discussion: