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Share Linux Folders on Windows Via Virtual box

Before continuing with this tutorial, Please make sure:
  • you have installed updated version of virtual box
  • you already have setup windows7 in your ubuntu Virtual box
Step-1: Open-up Virtual box
   Goto: Applications -> System Tools -> Oracle VM VirtualBox

Step-2: Select windows version in which you want to share the ubuntu folders

  And make sure it is Powered Off (Important)

Step-3:  Goto Settings shown in above figure and then click on Network

Make sure both Enable Network Adapter and Cable connected boxes are checked

Step-4: On the same window and on the left, click on Shared Folders
            And using     button add the folders that you want to share and then click 'OK'.

you can edit and remove the folders using next two buttons below the above button in the following figure. In this case we added (shared) '/home/rarroyave' folder and then click 'OK'

Step-5: Boot up the windows by clicking on button.

Step-6: After booting the Windows, Click on Devices (second tab at up-left corner) and select 'Install Guest Additions'

Run the .exe file shown above.

If you have already installed Guest Additions, Skip Steps- 6&7

Step-7: Restart the Windows after installation

Step-8: Open My Computer and right click on my computer and select 'Add a network location' as shown in the following figure.

Step-9: Then follow the screenshots shown below:

Click on 'Browse'

After clicking Finish you can see the shared on my Computer under Network Location

Documented by ArroyaveGroup, Computational Material Science Lab, TAMU