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Min Soo Park

  • I am currently Post-doc at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Taxes A&M University, College Station.
  • I completed M.S. with Sang W. Joo at Yeungnam University, Korea. Meanwhile, I completed a reseach scholar with Stephen H. Davis at Engneering Science and Applied Mathematics in Northwestern University.
  • I completed Ph.D. with Raymundo Arroyave at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Taxes A&M University, College Station (2009, DEC). 
  • My research interests include all aspects of applied thermofluid systems: Encaptuation of particle in solidification , Granular material flows, Evaporating liquid on a horizontal plate, Bubble dynamics in transition boiling and Wave motions in stratified fluids.
  • The current interests includes Microstructure of materials, Phase-feild modeling, Lead-free soldering, Thermoelectric materials, Solid-liquid interactions (Eutectic solidification, Dendrite solidificaiton)
  • More details can be found on my research page. .