Conferences 2007-2009

2009Arroyave, R.
Development of an Integrated Framework for the Prediction of Thermodynamic, Structural and Kinetic Properties of Alloys by using Ab Initio Methods.MS&T, Pittsburgh, PA.
2009Garay, A.;Trapaga, G.; Arroyave, R.Thermodynamic Study of the Al-Si-Sr System.
MS&T, Pittsburgh, PA.
2009Chari, A.; Garay, A.;Arroyave, R.
Thermodynamic Modelling of Ni-Ga System through Combined CALPHAD and Ab Initio Approach.MS&T, Pittsburgh, PA.
2009Garay, A.; Trapaga, G.; Arroyave, R.Determination of the Ground State of the Al-Si-Sr System by First-principles Calculations.XVIII Int. Mat. Research Congress, Cancun, Mexico.
2009 Park, M.-S.; Arroyave, R.Multi-phase Field Simulation of Intermetallic Compound Growth during Lead Free Soldering.TMS, San Francisco, CA.
2009 Arroyave, R.;Williams, M.E.
Implementing an Open Source Integrated Framework for Ab Initio Thermodynamics using Python as a Glue Language-Invited.
TMS, San Francisco, CA.
Radovic, M.; Arroyave, R.; Froyd, J. E.
Classroom-wide Student-led Undergraduate Research Experience for the Introductory Materials Science Course.
ASEE Gulf-Southwest Conference, Baylor University, Waco, TX.
2008 Park, M.-S.; Arroyave, R.Phase Field Simulation of the Morphology of Eutectic Solidification in a Binary Alloy Containing Encapsulated Impurities.
MS&T, Pittsburgh, PA.
2008 Arroyave, R.Thermodynamic Stability of Materials: Integration of Finite-Temperature Ab Initio Methods and CALPHAD Modeling-Invited.MS&T, Pittsburgh, PA.
2008Arroyave, R.; Garay, A. M.; Williams, M. E.; Trapaga, G.
Ab Initio Investigation of the FiniteTemperature Thermodynamic Properties of Strontium Silicides.
MS&T, Pittsburgh, PA.
Williams, M. E.; Arroyave, R.
Ab Initio Thermodynamic Properties of High-Temperature Cubic Intermetallics at Finite Temperatures.
MS&T, Pittsburgh, PA.
2007 Arroyave, R.; Liu, Z.-K.Schmid-Fetzer Application of Ab Initio Finite Temperature Thermodynamics to CALPHAD Modeling.CALPHAD XXXVI Meeting. State College, PA.
 Mantina, M.; Wang, Y.; Arroyave, R.; Wolverton, C.; Chen, L. Q.; Liu, Z.-K.Calculating Diffusion Coefficients via First-Principles Methods.TMS Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida.