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 In recent years, CoNiGa  has emerged as a new FSMA system that can be a potential alternative to NiMnGa alloys [19] . In addition, some compositions exhibit  high martensitic transformation temperatures, which make CoNiGa a potential high-temperature SMA system. In this project, we investigated the effect of composition on the transformation behavior as well as phase stability of Co-Ni-Ga based alloys though experimental and computational means. One of the major outcomes of the research is the discovery that in Co-Ni-Ga, the ratio of valence electrons to atoms (e/a) ratio, and the so-called magnetic valence influence the transformation behavior in these systems:

Effect of composition on the transformation behavior in Co-Ni-Ga alloys
Please consult the following paper for more information about this fascinating system:

The effect of electronic and magnetic valences on the martensitic transformation of CoNiGa shape memory alloys