General Chemistry

Chemistry is a year-long course. It is the study of the nature of matter and the changes which can take place. Basic units include atomic structure, bonding, formula and equation writing, chemical calculations, nature of chemical reactions, organic chemistry, and radioactivity. Chemistry is designed to meet the needs of a college-preparatory program. Students planning on careers in health-related fields, environmental biology, engineering, as well as many other professional fields, should take Chemistry. A high level of commitment to the course of study is required in order to assure fundamental principles are firmly established. 
Chemistry Syllabus

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Semester One
Unit 1 - Measuring & Graphing

Unit 2 - Naming/Formula Writing & % Composition

Unit 3/4 - Moles, Types of Rxn & Stoichiometry

Unit 5 - Gas

Semester 1 Review Problems
Semester 1 - Multiple Choice Review Answers
 Semester Two
Unit 1 - Atom

Unit 2 - Electron Arrangement & Periodic Trends

Unit 3 - Bonding

Unit 4 - IMF's & Solutions

Unit 5 - Acids & Bases

Semester Review Multiple Choice Questions (Answer Key)