Waukesha County manufacturing companies are clamoring to fill jobs that lead to well-paying and satisfying careers in manufacturing. Yet, as in many other school districts, our students routinely discount manufacturing opportunities, including those that provide great pay and career path prospects, because of outdated perceptions that manufacturing is dirty, unsafe and offers low pay. We at Arrowhead can better serve our students and help foster our regional economy by introducing all students, including female and higher-achieving students, to design and engineering and the connection to manufacturing.


To better serve our students and local businesses, we brought manufacturing and engineering leaders together to form the Arrowhead Manufacturing Steering Committee. Central to the committee’s work is the belief that if the district continues to do what we have always done, teaching the same courses in the same facilities, we will continue to obtain the same result: few students will choose to pursue a manufacturing pathway. This partnership of manufacturing and engineering leaders with key teaching staff asked: 1) How can we revise our curriculum to engage more students and ensure that our graduates have the knowledge and skills to be successful in your companies? 2) What kind of facility will attract students and ensure they get a jump start in preparation for your companies? 3) What kinds of opportunities should students have so they can make connections between design, engineering, and manufacturing by collaborating, solving problems, innovating and making something in order to create excitement for learning?

South Campus Renovation Renderings

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