Ruth Wakefield FAKE NEWS?

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OPTION 1    Ruth Wakefield: Chocolate Chip Cookie Inventor
Read a biography of Ruth Wakefield, the famous woman inventor who created chocolate chip cookies.

OPTION 2  Overlooked No More: Ruth Wakefield, Who Invented the Chocolate ...
Mar 21, 2018 - Around the time Ruth Wakefield began making a chocolate chip cookie in the 1930s, naming newly invented treats after something or someone was in vogue. ... [Read about Ruth Wakefield’s chocolate chip cookie recipe on NYT Cooking.] ... Her enduring chocolate chip cookie recipe first ...

OPTION 3  Chocolate Chip Cookie Inventor: Ruth Wakefield (1903-1977 ...
The chocolate chip cookie was invented by a dietitian named Ruth Wakefield who was proprietor of an inn in Massachusetts where she first served the cookie.

In the book: 
Gilbert Ford challenges readers to divine the truth about Ruth Wakefield's cookie invention.  We took it a step further and did a Google search!  
If you are wondering which source is the most reliable (hint: it is not hit #1), here is the answer from The 40th Anniversary Edition Betty Crocker cookbook (copyright 1979):