Election 2016

The Electoral College: How does it Work?

Your question: How does the electoral college work?
Keywords: electoral college

1. Make sure you have your note taking page open in another tab.

2. Search first!

Keywords: electoral college
REMEMBER! You are READING and then typing keyword notes! NO COPYING!

Notes should be in key words and phrases, not complete sentences.

3. Since we are practicing, I have also included a video for you

REMEMBER! You are WATCHING and then typing keyword notes! NO COPYING!

YouTube Video


***********EXTRA! EXTRA! *************

What does the 2016 electoral map look like?
Check out these electoral maps:

   Electoral College over time:

YouTube Video


4. Next, let's organize our notes.....

Create an outline!


5. Ready to present?
If you have completed your outline, you will have a number of options to present. (Coming soon!)

 Don't forget to cite your sources:
1. Britannica
2. TedED
1. Author
2. Title of book (italicized)
3. Publisher, date of publication 
Online Encyclopedia:
1. Author, if available
2. Title of article in quotation marks
3. Name of encyclopedia (italicized)
4. Name of publisher, date of publication, if available
5. Date of visit 
 Internet Article:
1. Name of author, if available
2. Title of article in quotation marks
3. Title of home page (italicized)
4. Date you visited
5. First part of the http adresss

Citation Machine

* Do you have a follow-up question?

YouTube Video

“What If the Electoral College is Tied?” —  http://www.cgpgrey.com/subbable 

Research Steps:

  • Goal Setting
  • Research
  • Organizing
  • Product