Book Donation Program

Wildwood Library

Book Donation Program

Commemorate your student’s time here at Wildwood school and help grow our school library!

Please consider donating a book to honor your student or a special staff member.

You can make a donation to the Wildwood PGO (write “for the library” in the memo) and have the librarian purchase a book especially chosen with your child’s interests and literary tastes in mind or request a specific title or subject.  If you prefer, you may purchase or donate a book and bring it to school.

All donated books have a commemorative book plate with the child’s and your name as the donor.

Child’s Name:            ______________________________________

Homeroom Teacher:            ____________________ Grade:_________

The Dedication (to appear on the book plate) Happy Birthday Joe! Love, Grandma:



Your Name:____________________________________________

o Please select a book for me

o We/I have selected the enclosed book

o We/I would like you to purchase the following title or buy a book about the following subject:

Thank you for supporting your school library!

                                                      Susan Wells, Wildwood Librarian
                                                               or 413-362-1424