Battle of the Books 2018

Hear our 6th graders talk about the books that reached the semifinal:

6th semifinal

Battle of the Books 2018 5th and 6th Grade Arts Integration Block

The latest interviews from 5th grade -

Graveyard Shakes vs Outrunning the Nazis.MOV

Undefeated vs Pele.MOV

Let the Battle Begin!  During the next 5 weeks students in the 5th and 6th grade library A - block will read and choose the books that move on to the next bracket.  Stay tuned to see what moves on to the next bracket!

Jackson Book of Dust vs Skinful of

Gwyneth Mustaches vs

Darcy Stars vs

Lucy Pumpsie vs In Your

Abdi Pele vs

Pele vs Outrunning.MOV

Cinderella Battle.MOV

Students conduct book interviews:

Noa's first interview

  • What’s your name? *Say only your first name!

  • What books did you read? * Titles AND authors!

  • Which book WON the BATTLE and why?

  • What is the PLOT of the book?

  • In which GENRE is the book pairing?

  • What would you change about either book?

  • Who else would like this book?

        EXAMPLE: People who loved “The Hate U Give” would love this book.

Maya It All Comes Down to This vs

Delcan Short