American Revolution Research


Objectives: Using E-Resources on the American Revolution

Objectives: Using E-Resources on the American Revolution
  • Explore different topics in the American Revolution
  • Examine different nonfiction features and how those features enhance our learning and understanding
  • Explore how different websites are organized
Remember the nonfiction text features we looked at in books last week?  We are going to see if we can find examples of those features and more using the e-resources listed on this page:

Research Resources

There must be at least ONE print resource in the WW Library for your RESEARCH TOPIC:
Check the library catalog here: Alexandria Researcher

Encyclopedia Britannica This is a good place to start your research.
ScholasticGO is another Encyclopedia to explore.

General Resources

1. PBS: Liberty The American Revolution  Be sure to look at timeline and Perspectives has diagrams
Description: An interactive timeline of the Revolution

Description: Primary sources help explain the Revolution
Created by: Massachusetts Historical Society 

Description: A comprehensive exploration of the American Revolution
Created by: Mr. Nussbaum, a 6th grade teacher from Virginia    

Description: An interactive exploration of people, places and primary sources.
Created by: The Colonial Williamsburg (Virginia) Foundation

Description: A resource list of links about the Revolution
Created by:

Description: A resource about the founders, the documents of the founders, etc.
Created by: The Bill of Rights Institute, a nonprofit organization with a mission to educate people about living in a free society.
Description: A US history resource guide
Created by: March Schulman, teacher and author

Databases and Primary Sources:

    Boston Tea Party, Road to Revolution, Shay's Rebellion, U.S. Constitution 

    General Resource
    Specific American Revolution Resources

     National Historical Publications and Records Commission: records from George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Thomas     Jefferson, and James Madison and see firsthand the growth of democracy and the birth of the Republic.

Memorial Hall Deerfield MA American Centuries

    The Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association (more about PVMA) Museum and Library, Deerfield, Massachusetts

    Adams papers, Boston Massacre

    By the Colorado Department of Education

More resources to explore:

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