Visiting the library:  Students visit the library with their classrooms once each week for book checkout and a library/technology lesson.  A student may also visit the library independently throughout the week if he/she has a pass from his/her classroom teacher.

 Book Checkout:  Students are allowed a maximum number of total books checked out according to their grade levels.  Kindergartners may have one book out at a time, first and second graders may have two books, third graders three, fourth graders four, fifth graders five, and six graders six books.  Library books that have been checked out for assigned classroom research are not included in this total.

Family Checkout: Families are encouraged to check out books from our library, too! Just stop by the library and we’ll set up an account for you. Families can check out up to ten books at a time.

Overdue Books: Books are checked out for 3 weeks and then can be renewed if no other student has a hold on that book. After 3 weeks, a book is considered to be overdue. No checkouts will be allowed until the overdue book is returned. There are no fines for overdue books. Overdue notices are sent monthly; the first notice is sent home with the child and further notices are mailed directly home.

Lost/damaged books: If a student loses a book or returns a book that is damaged beyond repair, it is requested that the family pays the cost of replacing the book or makes a contribution toward the cost of replacing the book. Other options can be arranged by contacting the librarian at 413-362-1639.

Book Selection: Our elementary library contains books that are appropriate for students from preschool age through 6th grade.  While the library staff attempts to help our students make selections that are a good match based on reading level and subject matter, ultimately, the book choice is up to each student. Parents should discuss book selection at home with their children to set parameters for book selection that align with their families’ interests and values. If the staff can be of assistance in helping make suggestions for reading choices for your child, please call us at 413-362-1639.

Selection Policy:  Books are selected for the Crocker Farm library collection that support the curriculum and encourage reading for enjoyment. Every attempt is made to select books on the basis of two positive reviews in a professional school library or teaching journal.