About Us

Our library staff is made up of a librarian, a library assistant, and numerous dedicated volunteers.  We are open everyday from 8:15 until 3:15, so stop by and say hello!

                                     Ms. McQuaid and Ms. Catlin
                                                                            photo by Na Lin

Ms. McQuaid has been a librarian at Crocker Farm since 2009.  Before coming to Crocker Farm, she was a librarian at Mark’s Meadow School and a kindergarten and first grade teacher at Fort River School. Before coming to the Amherst Public Schools, she taught in  preschool and elementary schools in Greenfield, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia. When she is not at school, she likes to swim, sing in a Rock Choir, go to Pilates classes, kayak, and read (no surprise there!).

Ms. Catlin has been a library assistant at Crocker Farm since 2009, as well. Before coming to Crocker Farm, she was a library assistant at Wildwood and at the Amherst High School.  She has also worked in a variety of settings as a classroom assistant.  Before becoming a library assistant, Ms. Catlin was an industrial engineer (which actually comes in very handy in the library). She loves to work out doing weight training and cardio classes and is an amazing baker of chocolate chip cookies and brownies!