7th Annual CF Massachusetts Children's Book Awards Film Festival
Enjoy the videos and photos from this year's amazing MCBA Film festival! So many amazing performers and artists took time from their busy schedules to present the trophies to this year's 5th graders, including Taylor Swift, Frog and Toad, Slytherin, Wonder Woman, Harriet the Spy, Sherlock Holmes, Emily Dickinson, and many others. It was a blast!

Click here to see photos of this year's winning teams and their presenters. 
Click here to see the winning MCBA videos.
Watch the MCBA Film Festival slide show below.  

MCBA 2017 Slide Show.pptx

Read Across America Day 2017 at Crocker Farm!

Crocker Farm students were surprised during their Read Across America Day assembly on March 3, 2017 with visits from Harry Potter and Hagrid, along with their favorite Dr. Seuss characters, the Cat in the Hat, Thing One and Thing Two, the Lorax, and Sam-I-Am. Poor Hagrid had lost his book, the Monster Book of Monsters, but everyone collaborated to calm him down and find it. In addition, a recent news broadcast of strange happenings at Crocker Farm School was replayed for the students and staff. Is it true? Has a "strange force" taken over the students that is making them read more than ever? Are they truly smarter than ever? Watch the video below and see for yourself!

RAA newscast video.mp4

Thanks to Sylvia Keochakian for the beautiful photos of our Read Across America Day assembly.  Can you find Hagrid? Harry Potter? The Cat in the Hat? Thing One and Thing Two? The Lorax? Sam-I-Am? How about the Crocker Farm student who saved the day? Watch the slide show below! 

RAA 2017 assembly.pptx

Author Molly B. Burnham visits Crocker Farm!

Molly B. Burnham, author of the popular Teddy Mars series, visited Crocker Farm School on January 10, 2017 to meet with the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders.  Molly spoke about how wondering and curiosity are the beginning of all her writing. She also shared how she writes different kinds of humor and the difference between "making fun of someone" vs. being funny.  Her book, Teddy Mars: Almost a World Record Breaker, is one of our Massachusetts Children's Book Award Mashup books this year so we were all very excited to meet her!  Ms. Joyce's class dressed up as the characters in Molly's book to give Molly a special welcome to CF!

Many thanks to our wonderful PGO for purchasing 25 copies of Molly's book so that most of our students could read Teddy Mars before Molly visit! 

Molly B. Burnham visit.pptx

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 If you have an electronic device at home (smartphone, ipad, Kindle or other ereader, etc.), you can download free children’s books to read and/or listen to at home  — including the Massachusetts Children’s Book Awards books!
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Click on the link above to check out next year's MCBA Mashup list, an original blend of 14 books from the "official" MCBA list and 11 books chosen by the Amherst and Union 28 librarians. Thanks to Heather Lobenstine at Shutesbury Elementary for creating this padlet. 

Massachusetts Children's Book Awards Film Festival 2016

Celebrities galore arrived at Crocker Farm School on June 8, 2016 to attend the annual Massachusetts Children's Book Awards Film Festival! All fifth graders worked in teams to create 20 book trailers celebrating this year's MCBA books. Awards were presented for Best Comedy, Best Historical Fiction, Most Outrageous, and Most Moving, among others. 

Click below to watch each team's videos and see photos of each team and their presenter.  

Read Across America Day 2016!

Read Across America Day 2016

The students and staff at Crocker Farm celebrated their love of reading with a rollicking Read Across America Day assembly on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. Our all-school quiet reading session was interrupted by surprise visits from the Cat in the Hat, Things One and Two, Sam-I-Am, and Obi-wan Kenobi of Star Wars fame! The 6th graders performed in our first flash mob dance ever to the tune of Hit the Books. a reading version of Uptown Funk. Sporting neon-colored fedoras and sunglasses, they rocked the house! Thanks to Mabel and Adeline for their choreography and dance lessons. Congratulations, 6th graders!

Photos by Sylvia Keochakian

Read Across America Day 2016

Photos by Na Lin

 Meet our wonderful 6th grade library assistants!
We have a great group of 6th grade library assistants this year who work in our library in the mornings before school. They return books to the shelves, set up the backjacks and computers for our classes, and keep our library spotless!  The librarians don't know what they'd to without them! Thanks, 6th grade helpers!  You're the best!

 Beyonce (Ms. Robinson)     Buck Doff (Mr. Stedman) Lady Gaga (Ms. Joyce) LeBron James (Mr. Gonnet)

This year’s Massachusetts Children’s Book Awards Film Festival was a smashing success! Congratulations to all of the fifth grade videographers for their superb work in screenwriting, filming, and editing. All ten videos promoting MCBA books were screened and given awards in ten categories by a variety of stars, singers, athletes, superheroes and poets. The appreciative crowd of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders, along with Crocker Farm staff and families, were delighted with the videos and the dazzling display of stars!

Two children’s authors visit Crocker Farm

        Author Jeanne Birdsall takes questions

               from her fans at Crocker Farm
Author Megan Dowd Lambert and her daughter, Emilia. 

In May 2015, Crocker Farm students were treated to visits by two local children’s authors, Megan Dowd Lambert and Jeannie Birdsall. Megan read her newly published picture book, A Crow of His Own, to some of our first, second, and third grade classes. Jeanne answered questions from the fourth and fifth graders about her recently released fourth book of The Penderwick series, The Penderwicks in Spring. Our students were thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss their love of books and reading with both of them. Thanks for the inspiration, Megan and Jeannie! And thanks to the PGO for purchasing multiple copies of all four books in The Penderwicks series!

Read Across America Day 2015!

2015 Read Across America Day.mov

 Photo by Kevin Gutting, Hampshire Gazette   

Beloved Dr. Seuss characters surprised Crocker Farm students with a visit to an all-school celebration of reading on March 4th, 2015. The Cat in the Hat, with help from hundreds of students chanting and cheering in the cafeteria assembly, convinced the Lorax that students love to read books as much as ever! Throughout the day, guest readers, including Amherst Police and Amherst College athletes, visited classrooms to read aloud their own favorite books.