Logging into Google Chrome

How to Earn Badges:
1. Watch the screencasts or presentations (tabs at the top)
2. Complete all of the tasks
4. Share any work with Mr. T (Trevor Takayama: takayamat@arps.org)
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Google Docs


Teachers, use this website to teach the Google tools.
    Review the AUP (right) and other policies.
    Go through as a class, or let students complete individually.

Students, go through the Google app the teacher assigns. 
    Start with Level 1 and complete all of the levels.

Acceptable Use Policy
Summary: Technology is used for school & Teacher-approved

Safe: Only for school work & school websites
Try Your Best: Focus & work hard
Act Responsibly: Take care of the tech
Respect: Be nice & helpful

    Technology use is a privilege, not a right. If I abuse that privilege, I will lose the use of technology for one week, one month, or the whole school year.

    I agree to the following rules for using technology (the Internet, computers and electronic devices):

    I will treat the school’s technology with respect at all times. I will wash my hands before I use technology. I will not eat or drink near any technology.

    I will use technology at school under adult supervision for the purpose of education and school assignments only. I will not hide my activities from my peers and teachers.

    I will use my Google account for the purpose of education for school work and this is true anytime I use Google: at home and at school. I will always get a teacher to approve of my work and I will not share files without a teacher's permission.

    [No cyberbullying] I will not hurt others, type mean comments, post rumors/gossip, and change or delete other students’ work.

    I will keep my passwords private. I will not attempt to access someone else’s school account and I will not share non-school files.

    I will not download files (programs, images, movies, songs) or other content without my teacher’s permission. I understand that downloading viruses can harm technology.I will report any misuse of technology. I will turn off my screen and report any non-kid-friendly images or websites to the teacher immediately.