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Supervisor's Clock in Here to Check Time Sheets
Login is the same as your AESOP account. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Who is required to clock in ?
    All paraprofessionals and substitutes are required to clock in.

2. If I forget to clock in or out, who do I contact to fix my time?
    If you forget to clock in, please contact your supervisor.

3. Can I clock in on my mobile device (phone, ipad, etc)?
    No.You must clock in using one of the campus kiosks. Secretaries can clock in using their desktop computers.
    Cafeteria workers may clock in at their respective registers. If you do clock in on your mobile device it will not be counted.

4. Do I clock out for lunch or is that included in my time?
    A lunch break is included in your time.

5. What if I work overtime?
    Overtime must be pre-approved by your supervisor. Overtime may be paid in compensatory time off.

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Daniela Sanders,
Apr 9, 2015, 8:04 AM