The school is open Monday to Friday 8.45am - 3.15pm.

We are now open during the term 1, 2 and 3 school holidays and are only closed for three weeks from approx. 20th December each year (dates are linked to Ministry of Education website).

What a day at Aroha Montessori is like:

The morning runs from 8.45am - 12pm and includes a full 3 hour Montessori work cycle. The children all arrive and greet their teachers with a handshake and a cheery good morning. The children will then choose specialist Montessori materials that have been presented to them by qualified Montessori teachers. The activities will develop the children's independence and concentration. The children can work outside on the deck, washing windows, carpentry, pick flowers to arrange or spend time caring for our pets. A rolling morning tea happens during the morning. A short mat time occurs at the lunch transition period at 11.45am.

Lunch is from 12.00 - 12.30pm. The children choose where they want to sit, set the table with table cloths, ceramic plates and glasses, and place food from their lunchbox onto their plate. When all children are ready, a poem followed by a Karakia (blessing) is said and we all eat together. There is a small candle placed on each table. Teachers sit and eat with the children providing positive role models and encouraging appropriate table manners.

The afternoon sees the children going outside to spend time in our lovely spacious outdoor environment. There the children have lots of opportunity to utilise the playground equipment, climb trees, swing, dig in the sandpit, look after the pets, or spend time tending the garden. There is lots of time for social interaction with their friends and afternoon tea is eaten outdoors. If wet the children will be inside where the focus is linked to our current programme plan and includes art, songs, musical instruments, baking, special projects, dance, drama and science experiments. We celebrate many cultural celebrations from all over the world. Those younger children who still have afternoon naps have the opportunity to have a rest/sleep after lunch.
The day finishes with a short mat time and the children shake their teachers hand as they leave.