What can I do to help my child before they start?
You can help your child by providing opportunities for them to spend some time apart from you. At Montessori we teach the children using phonetics which means we teach them the sounds of the letters rather than it names of the letters in the alphabet. Please don't teach your child to write their name with capital letters as this is very difficult to unlearn. Other things that will assist your child include encouraging your child to be able to rote count forwards and backwards from 1 to 10 along with allowing your child to make choices and to dress themselves independently.

When will my child be ready to attend?
We enrol children from the age of 2 1/2. It is not necessary for your child to be toilet trained. It is helpful if your child has spent time in the care of other people prior to attending.

How will you manage the transition for my child?
Before your child starts at Aroha Montessori, they must come for a visit to meet with their teachers. If possible we then prefer them to come for a short visit without parents where they get to meet the other children. An older child will be appointed as a "buddy" for your child and they will help their transition into the centre. If your child needs it then a shorter day for the first few weeks will allow them to ease slowly into their new environment. 

What is the best way to leave my child in the mornings?
At Aroha Montessori we start the day with shaking our teachers hand. We start the day with a short mat time. Decide on a goodbye routine, discuss this with them prior and follow this through quietly and then leave for work. If your child is upset, leave them with a teacher and then phone when you get to work. Telephone during the day if you are still concerned, but be reassured teachers would contact you if you child was unhappy, we all want the best for your child.

What if my child is unwell during the day?
The teaching staff will contact you if they are concerned about your child during the day. Together we can decide the best action plan for your child.

What happens if I am late to pick up my child?
If the teachers have not received a phone call from you and are unable to contact you or your partner, they will contact the emergency numbers on the enrollment form.

Can I take my child’s profile book home?
Yes please do, these books are to share with your child’s family and can be taken home at any stage. They are a connection between home and the centre. We welcome you to write your own stories for your child or for you to use to share with us what you child has done in the holidays. We appreciate your voice. When your child leaves our centre, the book is theirs to keep as a reminder of their time with us.

How are the Work and Income Subsidies paid?
They are paid direct to the centre and parents are responsible for paying the amount outstanding between the subsidy and the fees. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure the subsidy does not expire. However we will endeavor to remind you.

Why do you need a copy of my immunisation form?
This is a requirement of the Ministry of Health. If there is an epidemic of any kind such as measles, it is important to know who is immunized and who isn’t.

Do I need to pack food for my child?
Parents provide a lunchbox for their child with lunch and morning/afternoon tea. The child will take food from their lunchbox and place it on plate. We requested that parents dont send food high in fat and sugar. We are commited to the Healthy Heart Programme and provide our parents with a list of everyday food. No drink is necessary as filtered water is provided. Food is not shared.

What if my child has allergies or asthma?
The centre requires a written action plan for children with known allergies or asthma although please note we are NOT a nut or egg free centre. Please discuss this thoroughly with the teachers.