Fee Schedule per week effective from June 2011 (including GST) :

Attendance   Total Hours
Parent Fee
(no ECE subsidy)
Parent Fee
(with 20 ECE
hours subsidy)
Parent Fee
(with max
WINZ subsidy **)


3 Full Days      
19.5 hours
4 Full Days
26 Hours
5 Full Days
32.5 Hours
 $162.50$110 *

includes a 10% discount for full week attendance
** based on current maximum WINZ subsidy of $3.68 per hour. See WINZ information below.

Other Fees (incl GST):

 Enrolment Fee
 Late Pickup Fee
 $10 per 15mins

Children must attend for a minimum of 3 full days per week.
Fees for the term must be paid by the first week of term, or in installments by prior arrangement.

Does my child qualify for the 20 Hours ECE Subsidy?

Children attending Aroha Montessori aged from 3 years old are eligible for the Governments 20 Hours Early Childhood Education subsidy. If you wish to take advantage of 20 hours all you need to do is enrol your child with us. If your child is enrolled at more than one centre you will still only be able to claim a maximum of 20 hours subsidy.

For more information about the government ECE subsidy please visit:

Do I qualify for a WINZ subsidy?

It depends on how much you and your spouse or partner earn.

The child must be:

  • under five years old (or under six years if you get a Child Disability Allowance for them)
  • attending an early childhood programme for three or more hours a week.

A Childcare Subsidy is normally paid for up to nine hours of childcare a week.  In some situations you may be able to get up to 50 hours a week.

If you are claiming 20 hours ECE you can’t also get the WINZ Childcare Subsidy for those hours.

This information is a guide only. Contact WINZ to talk about your individual circumstances or refer to the following link for more information.


What does the Parent Fee cover?

We also include an optional charge in our fee schedule as we provide a level of care and education much greater than that set down by regulations and the 20 Hour ECE subsidy does not cover the full cost of our programme. The Government recently removed the word “Free” from the name of this scheme in acknowledgement of the fact that the subsidy is insufficient.

This optional charge covers things like:

  • 100% fully staffed by Registered Teachers (only funded for 80%)
  • Montessori Programme which includes specialist equipment and Montessori trained teachers
  • MANZ membership for our families
  • Non-contact time for all our teachers
  • Every child receives a portfolio which will record their time with us
  • Online portfolios and automatic notification of new learning stories about your child
  • Parent teacher meetings twice a year to discuss your child's progress and to set learning goals for them
  • Parent education evenings held termly 
  • Civil Defence emergency supplies provided for each child for up to three days
  • Fund raising levy to ensure no further requests for fund raising is made to parents