ERO report

Below is a summary of the latest ERO Report:

Aroha Montessori 10/03/2015

The Review Findings

Children are warmly welcomed to the centre. They have a conscientiously delivered Montessori curriculum. Children contribute their ideas willingly and confidently with teachers and peers. All have easy access to well-organised equipment and resources. Children know routines well. They work within a quiet, calm atmosphere. This supports them to sustain learning in individual and group activities.

Practical life and language, cultural activities, mathematical skills and sensory materials continue to be strongly emphasised throughout the children’s learning experiences.

Respect for te ao Māori is shown by teachers’ eagerness to improve their te reo Māori and understanding of indigenous knowledge. Bicultural practices are clearly apparent. The celebration of culturally significant occasions now includes the placement of a korowai around the child at their final early childhood event before they transition to school. The purpose of this practice has been diligently researched and supported by local kaumatua.

Children who identify as Māori experience success as Māori. Their language, culture and identity are enhanced through an authentic, inclusive approach by staff. Whānau are invited to share their cultural knowledge.

Families and whānau are well informed about their child’s learning through daily conversations with teachers and through more formal written and oral opportunities.

Teachers, particularly the principal, participate in extensive ongoing learning. This feature of the centre is highly valued by staff. Improvements in the centre’s systems and processes have resulted from this professional development.

The commitment by adults to continue their own learning and to extend their qualifications contributes to the capacity of staff to be able to sustain and improve practice. The strategic plan provides useful guidance for staff, with the focus on outcomes for children’s care and learning.

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