Enrol Now!

We prefer children to start with us around two and half to three years of age. Children don't need to be toilet trained and can be pre-enrolled and placed on our waiting list from birth.

We would encourage you to arrange a visit prior to enrolment with your child. These are scheduled with the principal in the afternoons by appointment. You are then welcome to sign up to observe the morning programme in action. This are only for adults. Please contact us to arrange a convenient time to meet with our principal and observe our pre-school in action.

To start the enrolment process, please fill in a pre-enrolment form (available for download at bottom of this page), and post to Aroha Montessori  or complete, scan and email it to us along with the enrolment fee of $60. This can be paid electronically and the bank account details are on the bottom of the form.

If your child is ready to start now, and a place is available that matches your needs, we will contact you immediately to arrange a visit for you and your child to meet the teachers prior to commencement and to finalise enrolment procedures.

If your child is not yet ready or a place is not currently available, we will place you on our waiting list and contact you as soon as a place becomes available.

The following considerations are used in offering placements to children on our waiting list - whether the child has a sibling that attended, the age of the child, length of time on the waiting list, number of hours being enrolled for and those children with previous Montessori experience.
Karen Hudson,
Jun 26, 2016, 5:31 AM